Ok, I had the click thing planned for vid #2, and, well, it just couldn’t happen. I can’t remember a busier week. It was just wall to wall sessions, writing, doing trax at the house, and then my wife is out of town with my two oldest boys, so my 16 year old daughter and I are with the 3 youngest kids…..whew! I’m still 1 drum track behind, I’ll try and get it done tomorrow after rehearsal.

So, I have an ‘audible’ list of topics that are way relevant to musicians. Today’s topic is goals. What are your goals for playing? Practicing, yes I like to have goals for practicing. For learning new techniques and beats. For career paths.

I really want u guys to all expand your minds. What is the difference between musicians that play on the road or in the studio with major artists vs. people who don’t. Their choices. They at one point made a choice to learn, hone, risk, and move to a town where they could open the doors of opportunity that can only be presented to people who put themselves in that position. But they are people just like you and me. Someone has to do it. So why not you? Why not????

Well, obviously, the stars have to line up somewhat. You’ve gotta have the chops, the musical talent, and the drive to not quit. You’ve got to have the attitude and the networking skills. Sooooo…..

If you think you can do this, then do it! Set goals. Set goals that will get you to your goals, like mini goals. Baby step goals. U can do this!! Someone like you did it, and so can you. And…next week we’ll get back onto the click thing, you know……the opponent. 😉

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