Playing with a Click-Part 1

aaah, the click! In the studio it’s known by many names, the opponent, the enemy, the ignored suggestion. My click in my MPC 2000 is a cowbell and a shaker. I’m getting ready to change the sound though, the reason for which I’ll tell you later.

But first I gotta tell you about this weekend. Friday I did a double session at Oceanway in Nashville, which is one of my fav rooms in town. This was a demo session for a bunch of Universal writers, specifically for a writers camp they had to write with the contestants of “The Voice.” There I met several writer/producers from Holland, Australia, LA, and the UK. Basically I ended up getting a bunch of drum track work at the house this weekend, apparently they had a rush for these tracks (Still listening to Rush btw, can’t stop). So Saturday I spent the day in studio doing tracks for these guys, and for another buddy in town who needed percussion on a record he’s producing. Basically I was up til 3am. Sunday morning, I had 1 more drum track to do and then get ready for a showcase rehearsal at 2. Finished the last drum track at 12:45, and dove into the charts for the showcase. There are normally 6 songs on a label showcase, turns out there were 12 for this one, ouch! Just barely finished in time to grab something out of the fridge and a coffee, and dash to rehearsal.

Back home at 6:00pm, still had to do more perc overdubs and fix one of the drum trax. Well basically, to make a long story longer, it’s midnight and I just finished editing this. Now uploading which takes forever!!

Ok back to the click. When I was in Ricky Skaggs band in the 90’s, I drove the band with the click, and I was the only one that heard it! Can you imagine? So if there was a night that everyone felt it faster or slower, u just prayed. Actually it was pretty cool.

Think of a click as a handrail walking down a long flight of stairs. You are doing the walking, the rail just guides you. Like I said in the video, if you drift, don’t slam back to the rail, drift back, like flying an airplane, slow, gentle movements, not fast. Slowly work your way back to the click, so you don’t leave everyone else in the dust.

The next two weeks is crazy!! 12 sessions this week, 4 days of Reba rehearsals starting on Saturday, then off to Oklahoma to do some shows. I’m going to be doing more video blogging as well. Got some really exciting stuff in the works that I can’t talk about yet, so stay tuned. t

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