Playing with the click part 2

Ok, right now I’m ready to spit nails. Sorry to vent, but I waited til the last minute to do this vid, and now I’m gonna pay for it! It’s 12:30 am, and it’s still streamclipping, which is what you have to do to the video files to make them edit correctly. And tomorrow I have a triple. 12 straight hours of playing drums, with a click!! So let’s talk about it!!

The little trick of turning the click around is not really earth shattering, but it’s a great exercise in hearing the click differently, thus learning how to play with it better. I’m finding lately that I’m liking different permutations of click, really dependent on emotion. Friday I did a Daryl Worley record, and I was wanting fewer subdivisions, not really sure why, just did. I’m also trying to get away from anything in the click that sounds like a hi hat. If you can use something that cuts through, but doesn’t sound like a hat, it’s a good thing. If you have something that mimicks the hat, there is a chance that the players will listen to it instead of the hat, and if you drift, they won’t drift with you. Alot of guys use a sidestick and a really dull shaker.

I really like the idea of programming a click with 1 bar of click and 1 bar of blank. Then just repeat that and practice. Then, make it 2 bars, and 3, and see how high you can get!! That’ll kick your butt.

One quick story about time. When I was touring with Ricky Skaggs in the 90’s, I was the only one in the band that heard the click. We had 10 guys on stage, and I had to drive the band and stay with the click, while no one else heard it. One day we were getting ready to soundcheck, we were waiting on something, and Ricky started playing “Angel on my Mind, by himself on the guitar.” I dialed up the tempo for that song, and turned the click on with him. He did’nt hear the click, I was the only one who did….long story short, he stayed dead on the click for about 25 bars. It was amazing! I want that kind of time!! That’s an internal clock!! That’s what we strive for!!

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