the “Fat” snare sound

Name pretty much any song in the 70’s. They will all have the ‘fat’ snare sound. From “Take it to the Limit” by the Eagles (my daughter used to pronounce them the ‘oogles’ when she was 18 months old…now she’s driving) to ‘Someone saved my life tonight’ by Elton John. Anything country up til the early 90’s loved the fat snare sound. It is a sound that must be in your arsenal. By the way, on the 70’s song “Mandy” by Barry Manilow…don’t laugh, it’s a really amazing drum sound….the snare used for it was a small 3×13″ piccolo, tuned way down of course.

One thing that I neglected to mention in the video ( I shot it at 10:45 at night, hence the unbelievably bad hair, why didn’t my daughter say something?….reminds me of Gene Wilder in a wind storm) was the use of moon gel. Moon gel is actually something that I never used until recently. My drum tech Keith Daniels introduced me to it. It really works great. I just see it overused way too much, but I really like it. Zero rings work as well, but they dampen way too much for me. Some people use them on the toms. Let me just say that I NEVER use them on the toms, UNLESS, someone is asking for a waaaay dampened down drum sound. I did a folk record last year and they wanted dead, I mean dead toms and snare. I literally took a sheet of paper towel on each drum, folded it in half and duct taped it to the head. There was basically no ring, just the impact of the drum. I loved it! It was way cool and vibey.

I just use tape because I always have. I’ve used board tape, masking tape, duct tape, and my current fav, flourescent yellow gaff tape.

If I use zero rings, I sometimes will cut them in half and put them on with a small piece of gaff tape. You don’t need the whole thing.

For 75 percent of the country stuff I record, I hit the drum in the middle. It just sounds better.

Hope u like the out takes, I was a bit loopy. Still am…..

Metal snares work great for this sound as well. One of the best gushy sounds I ever got at Sound Kitchen in the big room was with a 6 1/2″ black beauty. Babies were conceived to this snare sound I can tell you. Or they should have been….

By the way, welcome to the party all the guys from Drum Bum!! Hope you have fun with this.

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