“Turn on the Radio” groove

This 5 MM was a request from a gentleman who wanted me to break down this groove. It’s one of those grooves that will catch you off guard. Every so often in the studio, someone will ask for a 12/8 thing or some kind of latin groove, and it you don’t know these non standard grooves, they can really catch you off guard. In the studio, I keep a journal of grooves that I have trouble with, and need to practice, this used to be one, and since Reba added this song to her showlist, I’ve learned it inside and out. As my drum teacher Jim Delong used to say, you’ve got to ‘own’ it. Here is the youtube link to the song http://youtu.be/KF1dQgE8BmE. Another great example of this groove, played by Jeff Porcaro, is “Frenchman’s Flat,” on the Sleepwalker record.

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